Thursday, July 16, 2009

New tires, chain, and sprockets

Mileage: 9108
Man, this dang bike need everything. Although the tires on the bike had tread left there was dry rot on the side walls. I didn't lke the idea f the tire letting go at 75 miles per hour so I whipped out the Mastercard. I was going to fit Michelin Pilot Power CT2s but my sense got the better of me and I decided on a tire that lasts longer. At the last minute I changed my mind and chose the Michelin Pilot Road 2. I thought about the grippier Powers but I thought "I am really not going to be on the edge of the tire that much?" I read a bunch of reviews and a lot of people said the Road 2s are a great combination of grip, wet weather performance, and mileage so I went with them. I am happy with their performance so far.

The chain and sprockets were the ones that came with the bike and they had so much gunk on them. I removed the old ones and replaced them with the new parts I got from CA Cycleworks. The chain tool I bought worked great! Glad I spent the money on it. I installed the JT 15 tooth front and the JT 39 tooth rear and the new DID chain VM520 98 link x-ring chain and got much better take offs than the stock 15/37 gearing.

I only rode a few miles but the bike felt a lot better. It still had bad throttle response and sputtering. I will change more parts tomorrow!

Wheels off getting new tires.

New chain and sprockets with 2 added teeth on rear.


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