Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fort Clinch Ride

After taking so many trips south on A1A, I decided to head north. I scoped a map and saw a nice path up to Fort Clinch on A1A North. I headed out for the day and early in the ride I went over the amazing Dames Point Bridge. It is very high over the water and freaked me out a little bit to be honest. It was another chamber of commerce type of day and a great ride. I stopped at a little restaurant called Nicole's and had some great fried chicken. The only problem is that some of A1A is 35MPH along Fernandina Beach. I am not a speeder but I would like to go a little faster. A relaxing day and a good ride.

Large cannons guard the mouth of the St. Mary's River.

In the middle of Fort Clinch, Florida.


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